How Clonezilla Saves Your Bacon

Clonezilla can save even the most adventurous computer enthusiasts!


It’s way past midnight and you’ve finally finished setting up your private email server. You lean back in your leather chair and apply the finally patch updates to your system. Just one reboot and you can finally succumb to the sleep deprivation of the past week. Your system reboots. And reboots. And reboots again. Goodbye mail exchange! Goodbye sleep!

If, like me, you’re apt to work long hours on a project only to make one mistake that crashes the system, you’ve already started to develop bags under your eyes. Thankfully, there a neat and secure method to backup and restore your systems when it’s time for experimentation.

Clonezilla is a partition and disk imaging programs that allows users to backup a complete clone of their system.


Clonezilla is available as a disk image for both 32-bit and 64-bit processors and can be booted from most CD/DVD or USB drives. Need to format a partition before restoring a cloned image? Clonezilla features a command line that gives you easy access to fdisk and other linux tools. Want to encrypt your backups to prevent pesky intrusion? Sturdy AES-256 encryption ensures you maintain sole access. Have multiple systems on your network? Clonezilla SE runs on your servers and can clone 40+ machines simultaneously!

Whether your a system admin, technician, or your parent’s personal fix-it guy, Clonezilla is definitely something worth stashing in your computer toolbox.

Download from the official site:

Author: madkatcomputers

When I'm not fixing computers, I'm breaking computers!

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